10 stats you didn’t know about e-cigs

10 statistics you did not know about ecigarettes

Kicking a nicotine habit is easier said than done.

And although there is a mounting body of evidence to suggest that vaping e-cigarettes can help people to quit smoking tobacco for good, there is still plenty of information on vaping that’s often left in the dark.

Did you know that back in 2010 as few as 8.2% of UK smokers had tried an electronic cigarette; now over 2 million people have tried vaping in the UK, a whopping 50% of all smokers. That number is growing exponentially every single year.

Whether you’re new to ecigarettes or a seasoned vaper, we’ve compiled this neat little infographic to shine a light on ten intriguing stats on vaping that you should be aware of…

 Infographic on ecigarettes, eliquids and vaping
*Stats accurate as of Jun 2014

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