How to clean your e-cigarette

Adding eliquid

So you’ve got yourself set up with a new e cigarette and tasty e liquid…

Now you need to know how to charge it, refill it, keep it in good knick and avoid any potential problems. Listen up!

Cleaning your e-cigarette

After a while, you may need to give your e-cigarette a good clean to prep the atomiser tank ready for a new flavour or even to remove any inevitable gunk that has gradually built up over time. It’s also very important to keep your battery as dry as possible at all times, so if you notice any drips then you should look to dry them straightaway.

In fact, cleaning your e-cigarette on a regular basis is essential to get the maximum flavour and longest life from your purchase.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to clean an e-cigarette:

  1. Disassemble your e-cigarette

    The first step is to unscrew each section of your e-cigarette: atomiser tank, battery, mouthpiece and any other sections such as drip protector.  Once you’ve got each section on its own, you can start to clean them individually.

  2. Clean the atomiser tank

    Use a lint free cloth or tissue to soak up any excess e-liquid that has built up over time. Avoid using a cheap paper towels because this is more likely to leave random threads and fibre particles behind, especially in the connection area.

  3. Remove any leftover eliquid

    A common complaint people have is that unvapourised juice tends to collect in the atomiser, which then needs to be placed at an angle and drained overnight. You can speed up this process by blowing through the hole where the atomiser and battery connect. This should clear any excess liquid from around the heating coil.

  4. Clean the battery and reassemble

    Use your cloth to clean both the inside and outside of the battery case, particularly any connection points. Make sure your battery is fully charged before reassembling the e-cigarette. Careful not to overfill with e-liquid and allow a few seconds for the e-liquid to soak into the wick before using.

Charging your e-cigarette

Before you can start using your new e-cigarette, you need to know how to charge it and how long to charge it for. Depending on the product the length of charge can range anywhere from 4–8 hours, but we always suggest to leave the e-cigarette to charge for however long the instructions tell you to. Failing to charge the e-cigarette fully may result in performance issues, and you won’t be able to vape for as long.

Most modern e-cigarettes out there now come with a USB charger, which is great for portability. Simply plug in the charger to a USB port (computer or wall socket) and you’re away!

Once fully charged, the battery life depends on factors such as how often you use your e cig and the type of battery itself. As a rough guide, small 400mAh batteries tend to last 4–6 hours, whereas larger 650mAh last for around 6–8 hours. You will gain an additional 1–2 hours battery life for each extra 200mAh or so.

A good tip is to buy a second battery so you can use your e-cigarette safe in the knowledge that when the battery runs out you have another one sitting at home ready to swap in.

Refilling your e-cigarette

Unscrew your drip tip from the atomiser tank and fill approximately 1.5ml of e liquid from the side. Be really careful not to pour the e liquid into the airflow tube you see in the middle. It might look like a tempting fit – but don’t do it!

Replace the drip tip and tighten all the seals as tight as possible. You’re really looking to avoid any mess or spillages at all times.
Give the eliquid a few minutes to feed into the heating coil before you start to vape.

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