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Flavour Factory E-Liquids Review  -


Flavour Factory E-Liquids Review  -


Pear, Pineapple & Mango –

“The sweet vapes, Pear, Pineapple, and even Mango, are excellent eLiquids and I recommend them.
The Website is a very attractive, easy to use and easy to navigate.” -Team Spinfuel

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Rhubard & Custard –

“I have never been interested in vaping sweet flavored e Liquids, but this particular flavor was very agreeable to me, because the tobacco flavor is definitely still there. The vapor was strong and the throat hit was mild. I really enjoyed the Rhubard & Custard Flavour Factory e liquid.” - Jim Heddlesten

Pear Drops –

“The unmistakable aroma of pear drops drifting out of the bottle immediately took me on a trip down memory lane! Good start for sure! On vaping the nostalgia continued, a real strong (not too much though) candy pear flavour comes through leaving an all familiar aftertaste that I for one really like. Definitely a flavour that had me coming back for more and one that I could use all day no problem.” - Jon Williams

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Rhubarb & Custard -

“The smell from the bottle is exactly what you would expect from Rhubarb & Custard X 10, definitely takes me back, nice strong aroma! I had absolutely no issues vaping this all day… And some. A great tasting e-liquid.” - Jon Williams

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Rhubarb and Custard –

“The Rhubarb and Custard flavour eliquid, which does what it says on the bottle and is a fairly close representation of everyone’s favourite British pud. Definite tones of rhubarb, and heavy on the vanilla, too, which serves to balance the sharpness of the fruit flavour. A well-rounded and three-dimensional eliquid flavour that I enjoyed a lot.”

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Tropical Fruit Crush -

“The Tropical Fruit Crush eliquid was probably my favourite out of all the fruity liquids, as even for a non-fruit vaper, I thought that this one was the most refreshing of them all. Powerful blasts of mango, pineapple and maybe a couple of papaya made for a sharp sweet flavour offset by a nicely bitter base.”

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Peppermint -

“Peppermint was the flavour I tried last of all, and this was my top-scoring flavour. I’m always in search of good menthol eliquids and am regularly disappointed by mixers that try too hard with them by adding eucalyptus or clove flavours. Peppermint is a no-nonsense “extra-strong mint” flavour that’s powerful enough to blow away the cobwebs, though doesn’t make your eyes water. Rich and soft, I liked this one no end.”

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Rhubarb & Custard -

“Ahhh, this one took me back… Smooth and creamy, sweet but at the same time fruity, just like granny used make, only in vapor form. Overall, this was my favorite juice from The Flavour Factory. There’s no point going into details, if you’ve ever tried English Rhubarb & Custard pie and loved it, this one’s a must-try. And this e-liquid actually smells right too, for a change.”

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Pear Drops -

“If you like Pear Drops candy or fruity combinations in general, this juice could become the all-day vape you’ve been looking for. The smell of the e-liquid is really strong, like that of an uber-concentrated pear and banana essence, but the flavor of the vapor is a whole different story. When vaping, the taste of this pear candy e-liquid is very clear and at the same time very soft on the taste buds.”

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Vaping 360

“Overall we were impressed with the liquids. The bottles came with child lock caps and the delivery to us in Germany, was pretty swift. The site looks great and is very easy to navigate.”

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  1. Great liquids at a good price. Rhubarb and custard and pear drops are two of my fave tapes from any liquid manufacturer. Good customer service and a great 10 for £35 offer are what keep me coming back.

    John (Manchester)

  2. Tremendous liquids and good price. The peppermint is exceptional. The customer service is excellent. I had an issue with a bottle not being filled fully and they sent me a replacement straightaway and also included an extra flavour an apology. I will definitely be buying the the Flavour Factory again.

    Karl (Liverpool)

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