The e-cigarette savings calculator

Save money by quitting smoking

Modern day smokers can relate to the fact that smoking cigarettes is more expensive than it has ever been.

A standard 20-pack will now set you back as much as £9 a pop, which amounts to a lot of money if you consider the cost over weeks, months and years.

Making the switch to vaping e cigarettes is not only a good option if you’re looking to quit nicotine, or minimise the health risk associated with smoking tobacco; it’s good for your wallet too.

Sure, there’s the entry cost of investing in a decent e cigarette starter kit, but the initial cost of vaping hardware plus the regular cost of eliquid still pales in comparison to that of cigarettes and tobacco. Our hardware starter kits start from as little as £15.

You may have to change your atomiser and battery from time to time but it remains a fraction of the long term cost.

So, exactly how much are you likely to save by switching to e-cigarettes?

Of course it all depends on how much you smoke, but roughly speaking a 10ml bottle of eliquid is the equivalent of 100 cigarettes, or five 20-packs, and a person who vapes regularly generally uses 2-3ml of ejuice per day.

The table below shows the amount of money a person who smokes 20 cigarettes a day could save by switching from cigarettes to eliquid…

e cigs

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