Why choose e-liquid?

A man producing vapour from his e-cigarette

If you’re new to the world of  vape liquids and e-cigarettes then you’re probably wondering what e-cigarettes are, what e-liquids contain, whether they are safe and what the benefits are compared to tobacco cigarettes.

We’re here to bring you up to speed…

What is an e-cigarette?

An e-cigarette (or e-cig) is a handheld, battery-powered electronic device that vaporises e-liquid. The process is now commonly known as ‘vaping’. Over the past ten years or so, it has gained significant popularity as a cheaper, safer and far tastier alternative to normal cigarettes that does not contain carbon monoxide or tar.

E-liquids explained

So what exactly do e-liquids contain?

When browsing for your perfect flavour, you’ll see two terms crop up again and again: propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Both are common food additives. Propylene glycol is used to make ice cream, frozen desserts and even ketchup, whereas vegetable glycerin is a form of vegetable oil often used as a sweetener and alternative to sugar.

The vast majority of e liquids (also known as e juice or vape juice) comprise a mixture of these two ingredients, flavourings and nicotine, all at varying strengths. One of the most popular attractive features of e-liquids over tobacco is the taste – e liquids are available in a vast range of flavours, from standard tobacco to banana toffee, fruit salad and everything else in between.

The ratio of PG to VG is very important when it comes to pinpointing your ideal flavour. E-liquids that have a higher percentage of PG provide more of a throaty sensation; whereas e-liquids with a higher percentage of VG produce more vapour and are generally sweeter. However, a little too much VG in the mix will tend to mask additional flavourings, so getting the balance right is key.

All of our vape juices are carefully mixed by a team of experienced food technicians in the UK using nature identical flavourings and pharmaceutical grade nicotine. You can learn more about what is contained in eliquids here.

How do e-cigarettes work?

Unlike normal tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not involve the process of combustion; instead, they work by heating and dissolving the e-liquid mixture into a vapour that the user inhales.

That means there is no fire, burning, ash or smoke. Vaping also removes the threat of harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide, tar and other cancerous toxins.

A standard electronic cigarette has four main components:

  • a rechargeable lithium battery (similar to those used in mobile phones)

  • an atomiser

  • a vaporisation chamber

  • e liquid

The battery powers an atomiser which connects to a vaporisation chamber, where the e liquid is converted into vapour. Although similar in appearance to smoke and inhaled in exactly the same way, the plume you exhale is actually vapour, not smoke.

Are e-cigarettes and e-liquid cheaper than tobacco cigarettes?

Generally speaking, yes, particularly in the long run. Our starter kits begin at as little as £15. But once you’ve got the hardware, the savings really start to mount up.

For somebody who usually smokes 10-15 cigarettes per day, a 10ml bottle of e-liquid will generally last for about one week at a similar level of use. 10ml bottles tend to cost the same amount as a 10-pack of normal cigarettes. We also stock 30ml bottles.

Once a bottle is finished, you can then purchase cheaper e-liquid refills which again allows e cig users to save on the overall cost of smoking. And of course there’s no need to turn your house upside down on the hunt for a lighter…

Take control of your nicotine intake

E liquid gives you more control over the amount of nicotine you are inhaling and can even help smokers who a looking to cut down their nicotine intake. A standard tobacco cigarette contains on average 18mg of nicotine, or 1.8%.

We stock a range of e liquid strengths – from 0mg to 18mg – which allows smokers to take a more gradual approach to quitting. Being able to progress through smaller stages of strength makes e-liquid and e-cigarettes a great quitting aid that carries a fraction of the health risks associated with normal cigarettes.

We hear so many success stories of people who have tried and failed to quit over the years by using nicotine patches, gum and other quitting aids, who have now managed to give up nicotine altogether.

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