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Quality assured

At The Flavour Factory, our expert team of e-liquid technicians love nothing more than conjuring up fresh ideas for delicious vape juices. That’s what we’re known for after all – flavour! No other e liquid provider puts as much effort into crafting such an incredibly wide range of e liquid flavours, perfectly blended to tingle your taste buds. There are plenty for you to choose from, over 70 wonderfully authentic flavours and counting. If you’ve got a flavour in mind that you think would make an excellent vape, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

Keeping it sweet

Our team of expert flavour technicians have a bit of a sweet tooth, no doubt about it. They’ve spent years crafting vape juices based on all sorts of sweets, ice cream and classic flavour combinations. Rhubarb and custard, pear drops, cola bottles, mint choc chip: this is just a small handful of our popular best selling flavours. And we’re also constantly devising new flavours based on all types of confectionery. Even recently, a longtime Flavour Factory fan suggested we add Skittles to the menu, so that’s exactly what we did.

Mango, blueberry, honeydew…

Our range of fruity flavours are perfect for that ultimate refreshing all-day vape. They say variety is the spice of life so if you can’t decide between them, why not try out our discount ‘Berries’ pack – blueberry, strawberry and raspberry – and let us know which one tickles your fancy the most.

The traditionalist

Of course, not all of us are looking for a unique taste sensation when it comes to vaping. For the seasoned smoker, the smooth taste of tobacco satisfies in a way that’s all its own. We have a range of strengths to choose from, which makes our tobacco and menthol options a great choice for those looking to gradually cut down on nicotine. We know a lot of menthol smokers who have been tempted to try our fantastic peppermint eliquid for a slightly stronger hit of mintiness. Many of them haven’t looked back!

What are you in the mood for?

That is the big question. Our tastes naturally change depending on the time of day, the situations we find ourselves in and, ultimately, the way we feel. In the morning, you might prefer a sweet vanilla or banana toffee vape to go perfectly alongside a strong cup of coffee. In the evening, you might want something a little different, perhaps a strawberries and cream combination for a nice after-dinner treat. Or, if you’re looking for a visual impact why not try our ‘cloud’ range? It really depends on your own personal taste and what flavour you’re in the mood for. Get testing, it could well be that your favourite flavour is one you never expected.

What strength of nicotine do you need?

If you’re looking to make the switch from smoking tobacco to e-cigarettes then it’s important to use your own smoking habits as a guide. A light smoker who only has a few cigarettes a day can easily make a switch to a low (or even zero) nicotine level eliquid. If you smoke 15–20 cigarettes or more per day then you may consider a stronger level of nicotine to begin with. One benefit of e-cigarettes for smokers looking to kick their nicotine addiction is that they can gradually reduce the strength of nicotine in their e liquid over time. This is a highly effective way for smokers to wean themselves away from nicotine dependency and is now a method of choice compared with patches or gum. View our beginners guide to vaping to learn more.

Can you mix eliquids?

Of course! In fact, mixing eliquids is a great way to discover exciting new flavour combinations. All of our eliquids are quality tested and contain more or less the same basic ingredients, the main difference is the individual flavourings. Adding a drop of menthol to fruity flavours is particularly popular to add an additional pop to the mixture. That’s how we came up with our cherry menthol vape juice. You can even get really creative and combine the leftover juice when your bottles are near empty. Plenty of our regular customers now swear by their own unique blend of flavours. Try it in small batches first to ensure the quality of taste. Could vanilla toffee and cola bottles replicate the taste of an ice cream float? There’s only one way to find out…

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Excellent taste and value, quick delivery, would highly recommend. Thank you.

Adrian Turner 5 out of 5

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