Here are some of our frequently asked questions. If you have a question which hasn’t been mentioned here please tell us about it!

Do our recipes include Diacetyl or synthetic ingredients?

The Flavour Factory’s eliquids are quality assured by food & drink experts. All of our products are made using all natural ingredients, leaving them free from allergens and potentially hazardous ingredients such as Diacetyl.

What Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin (PG/VG) ratio do we use?

The actual ratio we use varies depending on the  vaping liquid. The aim is to get them tasting perfect so we tweak it to complement each different flavour. As it’s an important part of our secret recipes, and we do not publish the ratios we use. We’re proud of our products and want to keep them unique. Our products are not recommended for people with sensitivities to Propylene Glycol.

How do you choose the right nicotine strength?

It’s important to use your own smoking habits as a guide. A light smoker who only has a few cigarettes a day can easily make a switch to a low (or even zero) nicotine level eliquid. If you are a heavy smoker you should choose a stronger level of nicotine although your aim should be to slowly reduce the nicotine strength over time, gradually reducing your dependency.

What is eliquid made from?

All e cigarettes and vapourisers use a liquid to produce the inhaled vapour. The liquid is made using three main ingredients; flavourings, dilutants, and in some cases nicotine. Nicotine itself has no taste, nor do the dilutants which are used to make the eliquid. It’s the flavours that give our eliquids a luxurious smooth taste, and the fact that our flavourings are all natural and handmade in the UK means that you can trust our products to be made from the highest quality of ingredients.

Are eliquids safe?

We won’t really know until they have been thoroughly assessed and monitored in a large population over time. However they are considerably less dangerous to your health than traditional cigarettes. Eliquids don’t contain any tobacco, but some varieties still contain certain amounts of nicotine. For this reason smoking e cigarettes (also known as “vaping”) is a much safer alternative to smoking tobacco for those who are unable to fight their nicotine cravings. A small study of 40 smokers  has provided  evidence that e-cigarettes are well tolerated and only associated with very mild  effects in some cases, such as slight mouth or throat irritation or a dry cough.

At The Flavour Factory we provide our full range in nicotine free versions, and we would love it if our customers can use our eliquids to slowly decrease their reliance on nicotine, and start using our eliquids simply for the pleasure of enjoying our delicious flavours.