So much happening!!

Building work is nearing completion just a few little fixes needed then we will have our very own clean room – can’t wait to put some pics on when it is all done.


We also had a pop up stand in a Tesco Store in Manchester this weekend and it proved a massive hit, so much so we have been asked by the store to do another one very soon – i will keep you posted.

New room

We are very excited at The Flavour Factory – we have signed off the plans today for our new clean room to be built. We will keep you upto date with pictures as the room progresses. Orders will not be affected by the ongoing work.

In the news again

E cigarettes are back in the news again, with an article being run on BBC breakfast this morning.  The article highlights that the number of people using e cigs has increased from 2.7% in 2010 to over 17% in 2014. It goes on to state that just over half of current or ex-smokers have now tried electronic cigarettes, either to reduce the amount of tobacco they use or to save money.

The Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) survey went on to state that the use of e-cigarettes among people who have never smoked remains small at 1%, so on the face of it, it doesn’t appear that the e cig market is encouraging young people who haven’t smoked tobacco cigarettes to take up e cigs.

But what about the health benefits? The Smoking Toolkit Study, has discovered that the use of electronic cigarettes are overtaking the use of nicotine products such as patches and gum as an aid to quitting smoking in England.

It also found that the proportion of smokers who gave up smoking in the past year had increased and smoking rates in England were continuing to fall.

Also, the report demonstrated that the use of an e cig meant that vapers had the same low levels of carbon monoxide in their lungs as non-smokers with none of the tar and similar products associated with tobacco smoking.

So it would appear that e cigs not only save you money, but can be used to help smokers become non-smokers.

Favourite Flavours – Top Selling E Liquids

We have been keeping a very close eye on what our customers bought and what they told us about our E Liquids. Without further ado, here are our top-selling E Liquids for this month. 

pear drops

1. Pear Drops

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Here’s what people had to say about it

“Guilty Pleasure! In love with this flavour. So much like the real thing.”

“Brilliant. This flavour is spot on. It really tastes like you are eating pear drops.”

Following closely were:

pear drops

2. Rhubarb & Custard

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3. Blueberry

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4. Strawberry

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5. Peppermint

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6. Violets

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