E Cigarettes Are Here To Stay – It’s Time To Make The Switch

The E cigarette market has exploded in the last few years with many smokers switching to E cigs from regular cigarette smoking. In the last year the UK’s E cig sales rose from £9m in 2012 to £90m this year.

Here at the Flavour Factory we know that an increasing demand and love of the E Cig means that the market needs fine tuning; it needs to be improved with honest and real products and flavours; this is just what we’ve done.

Here are some reasons why a dramatic amount of people are making the switch and why something that was once labelled as a fad, is here to stay.

Worldwide, the E cig has had a fundamentally higher success rate with ‘smokers’ being less likely to return to regular cigarettes, an accolade not shared by other non inhaling nicotine substitutes such as patches. Research has shown us that fundamentally, this is due to the hand to mouth smoking action allowed to us by the E Cigarette.

E cig liquids contain nicotine in order to help smokers kick the traditional habit and although nicotine is still not healthy, there’s no smoke, tobacco and other tobacco-specific toxins filling the lungs. The healthcare benefits cannot be ignored when the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency are advocating e-cigarettes predicting their use will help rescue 57,000 British smokers lives over the next 10 years.

Since the smoking ban in the UK in 2007, smokers have been pushed outside of the social environment and smoking began being looked upon increasingly negatively. With the E cig releasing a small gust of vapour which quickly disappears there are no harmful chemicals filling the air as with traditional cigarette smoke, hence allowing E cig smokers to use them indoors. What’s more, if any smell is detected at all it’s the pleasant, sweet smell of the flavoured eliquid – even better if it’s the trail of A Flavour Factory scent.

Switching to the E cig means that alongside individualising the other lifestyle products you choose to use, like I pad sleeves and mobile phones cases, you can now buy into your favourite E cig brand choosing colours, battery size, flavour and strength of e-liquid and other paraphernalia. This makes E cig smoking a much healthier and individual choice. With a host of E cig choices on the market but with an alarming number of synthetic liquids being imported from China suspected to contain a host of mystery manufactured chemicals, it’s good to know that The Flavour Factory is part of the E cig arena. What establishes The Flavour Factory at the heart of the market is the knowledge that we’re mixing our flavours right here in the UK using consciously chosen, high quality natural ingredients. At The Flavour Factory, our home made flavours instantly set us aside from other brands with our selection of non synthetic, natural tasting and delicious flavours.

If there wasn’t already enough reasons to make the switch, The Flavour Factory’s little potions of natural flavours and use of real ingredients just made the E cig option a little more exciting. The E cig is without a doubt here to stay.

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